Timber Reels

New - We manufacture a large range of new timber reels, built to Australian standards and made from a mixture of rough sawn, dressed and plantation pine.

Our timber reels are compressed nailed 90 degrees to each other to ensure they are able to carry the heaviest weight possible.

We manufacture new timber reels from 450mm - 3.5m (flange diameter). We are also happy to quote on specific customer requirements.

We also offer new timber reels in kit forms to allow cheaper shipping or we can deliver fully assembled and ready for use.

Second hand - We carry Australia’s largest stock of quality used timber reels that are used for a variety of services including communication cable, power cable, steel wire, rope or rubber. All of our reels are fully refurbished and free of previous identification and can be painted to the customers requirements. 

We carry second hand timber reels from 450mm - 3.5m (flange diameter).